Capitis Consulting is regularly called on by its clients to undertake evaluations and assessments of elements of their organization, or programs and activities therein. As an independent expert in sport organizational effectiveness, our assessment approach and independent, unbiased evaluation arm our clients with crucial advice on how effective certain parts of their organization are.

We’ve conducted many sport assessments ranging from full assessments of a client’s total operations, to governance evaluations, to performance assessment of a particular program. 

Here are a few examples of what we mean:


Ontario Volleyball Association

The Ontario Volleyball Association is the governing body for the sport of volleyball in Canada’s largest province, Ontario.

North Shore Girls Soccer Club

North Shore Girls Soccer Club is Canada’s largest girls-only youth soccer club. Located on the scenic north shore of Vancouver, Canada.

Ontario Soccer

Ontario Soccer is the governing body for the sport of soccer in Canada’s largest province, Ontario.

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Paul Varian MBA, C.Dir
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Stephanie Geosits
Associate Director
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