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Capitis Learning E-Tutorials | Videos on Demand from Paul Varian and Capitis Consulting
Capitis Learning E-Tutorials | Picture of Paul Varian from Capitis Consulting

At last! A series of online, and on-demand e-tutorials cutting with a ruthless lack of b/s to the sport business topics you need to learn about, but nobody seems to deliver on! Sit back, relax and learn from Paul Varian’s personal experiences managing amateur sport organizations in both North America and Europe, and his insights from the hundreds of North American amateur sport organizations he routinely deals with day-in-day-out through his sport management consultancy Capitis Consulting. Compelling, easy-to-follow and entertaining, these sport business e-tutorial videos will give you the learning you need to run a top amateur sports organizations, that you’d normally only see in a sports MBA. Enjoy at your leisure right here, as part of your own professional development, or as a group learning program for your Board of Directors or staff team!
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E-Tutorial Videos

The Fundamentals Of Sport Governance

A hands-on tutorial, in which Paul Varian outlines how governance works both inside and outside your sport organization. He also covers important items such as the role of the Board of Directors, Directors’ legal responsibilities, committees, and a framework for executive accountability.

Running Time: 49 minutes

Running Great Sports Club Board Meetings

Paul Varian moves governance into action! What does good governance look like in the central arena where Board business is done – the Boardroom? In this unique tutorial, you’ll observe a simulated sport Board meeting, where many of the problems sport Boards of Director face are acted out right in front of you!

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Strategic Planning For Your Sports Organization

Watch as Paul Varian walks you through Capitis Consulting’s unique and rigorous ten-step process to build a great sport strategic plan! He also pinpoints where strategic planning fits into your sport organization’s overall planning mix, from vision and mission, to operational planning, and shows you how to evaluate your strategic plan, when you have built it.

Running Time: 43 Minutes

Fundamentals In Technical Oversight

Learn how to effectively manage your Director of Coaching or Technical Director from the Boardroom or executive office, without undermining them or getting in their way! In this forward-thinking tutorial, Paul Varian walks you through the concept of trust—based oversight as the basis of good technical oversight and touches on important levers of accountability including technical planning and policies.

Running Time: 34 Minutes

Managing Risk In A Post-Covid Sport World

Watch as Paul Varian outlines the seven types of risk that exist in your sport organization, and shows how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted on them all. He’ll also show you how to manage risk in your sport organization post-Covid, touching on important areas including risk identification, analysis and mitigation. A great ‘how to’ guide on building protection into your sport organization against future covid-like risk events!

Running Time: 28 Minutes

21st Century Sport Volunteerism

At last! Some meaningful talk on tackling the huge issue of volunteerism in the 21st century! In this forward-thinking tutorial, Paul Varian illustrates recent trends and the current ‘state of play’ in volunteerism. He gives important pointers on what drives younger people to volunteer and outlines what modern sport organizations must change in their volunteer activities to match the mindsets, values and behaviour of the Millennial and Gen-Z generations pushing through.

Running Time: 31 Minutes

How To Market Your Sports Club

Watch this ‘nuts-and-bolts’ tutorial that outlines the core principles and processes of marketing management, that you will be able to follow to develop a great marketing plan for your sport organization. Paul Varian focuses on the core concept of ‘value’, and the importance of organizational identity and taking marketing seriously as a professional function within your sport organization.  Watch this tutorial and learn how marketing is so much more than balloons and pop-up banners!

Running Time: 23 Minutes

How To Raise Amateur Sports Sponsorship

Watch this ‘roll-your-sleeves-up’ tutorial on the business of raising corporate sponsorship for your sport organization. In this tutorial, Paul Varian outlines the fundamentals of what a sponsorship transaction is, how to develop compelling sponsorship offerings. He gets down and dirty in the specifics of pitching and closing deals, and reveals the secret ingredient in renewing and retaining sponsors once you’ve signed them!

Running Time: 33 Minutes