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Don't Blame The Soccer Parents

Real experiences and common sense strategies to build a great amateur
soccer club.

  • Running a modern amateur soccer club is hard. How can you be an expert in governance, planning,
    marketing, finance, sales, IT, program management, technical oversight and everything else your soccer club needs from you?
  • Where’s the play book for all this? There isn’t one. Until now!
Capitis Consulting |Book - Don't Blame The Soccer Parents by Paul Varian
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  • At last, a book that is purpose-written for people like you. People in leadership in today’s amateur
    soccer world, sitting on the Boards of Directors or in executive and soccer leadership, many of whom are honest volunteers trying to give back and help their club get by.

  • Renowned international industry expert Paul Varian has written Don’t Blame The Soccer Parents having
    sat in your seat and lived your world in amateur soccer leadership. Its the first book of its kind that
    blends real world experience in running amateur soccer club’s in today’s reality with best practice that
    will help you bring your soccer club to the next level!

  • Don’t Blame The Soccer Parents is a ‘must-read’ for anyone who has just joined an amateur soccer club
    Board of Directors or moved into a position of executive leadership, especially if coming from an athletic or non-sport business background. You’ll learn the fundamentals of good business management in the unique paradigm of amateur soccer and all the quirkiness that brings!

  • Get reading and learn how not to blame your soccer parents for the problems you have in running your
    amateur soccer club.