Softball Ontario

The Association takes a strong member-driven approach to how they run things; much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ of the sport’s governance and administration is conducted through its four member organizations, with the provincial body itself taking a smaller, oversight and coordination role.

Following the expiration of Softball Ontario’s outgoing strategic plan, we led the development of a new strategic plan in 2019 that clearly separates work to be directly undertaken by Softball Ontario, versus what is managed by its member organizations.

Click image below to review our strategic plan for Softball Ontario.

“Developing the new strategic plan was a committed and time-consuming effort that involved deep consultation with our member organizations and their participant players, coaches and volunteers, and also our umpiring community. We are very pleased with the result that emerged in our new strategic plan. It gives us a firm roadmap to follow, and a better understanding of what Softball Ontario is responsible for, and what we can expect from our member organizations."
Debbie Malisani
Chair, Strategic Planning Sub-Committee, Softball Ontario & President, Provincial Women’s Softball Association of Ontario

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