Stephanie Geosits

Associate Director

Stephanie Geosits has led or worked on a variety of projects for many of Capitis Consulting's clients, including Ontario Volleyball, Winnetka Hockey Club, Chilliwack FC, Ridge Meadows Soccer Club, Milton Youth Soccer Club, Softball Ontario and Oakville Aquatic Club

An experienced senior sport leader at all levels, from grassroots to professional, Stephanie Geosits has built communications infrastructure for some of the largest sport organizations in North America. Starting out as a sports journalist, Stephanie was fundamental in creating the New York Yankees’ first website and serving as Editor in Chief for their publications. 

Her public policy background led her to the NHL where she worked as part of their Diversity Task Force program to make hockey more inclusive. In Canada she has worked for some of the largest sport providers, from the U of T Varsity Blues, to Ontario Soccer, where she established its Marketing & Communications department. She was part of the senior team that led two of the biggest amateur sports organizations in the country:  Oakville Soccer Club and Burlington Youth Soccer Club, where she was the Executive Director.

Stephanie has worked with Boards of Directors, written strategic plans, managed teams of full-time and part-time staff and volunteers, held budget accountability and has been responsible for helping to ensure safe and fun sport experiences for thousands of athletes. Led by a firm belief that sport is a primary driver for community building and developing young people sport has been a common thread throughout her career.

Stephanie is qualified with a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University (USA) and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University (USA).

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