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Why strategic planning?


Strong organisations are built on strong planning. Yet many not-for-profits do not plan for the long term and live in the 'here and now', hampering their effectiveness in the Board room and staff room alike. Strategic plans are often poorly developed, with no involvement and buy-in from the organisation at large.

Sometimes strategic plans are confused with operational work plans, and are not strategic in nature. Or they are built with no underpinning financial plan or system of measurement and accountability. The result? Many not-for-profits waste time in reactive issues management and are never really clear on what their long term goals are, and how they are tracking to achieve them.

Why Capitis Consulting?

Applying a proven approach, Capitis Consulting can develop a multi-year strategic plan that sets a common course for your organisation and binds its people together. Through it, everyone will know what your organisation is there to do, and what part they play! Volunteers and staff will know their roles and be more productive. Through your strategic plan, you can measure your organisation's success and convince funders and key stakeholders to back you.

Good planning is the hallmark of any not-for-profit. Capitis Consulting has an enviable track record in executing it. Do you need a strategic plan that inspires your organisation from top to bottom?

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