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Why strategic marketing?


Many not-for-profit organisations ignore marketing. They see it as expensive, 'nice to have' activity that comes way down the pecking order and is never placed ahead of cause-focused program development.

But how can you bring anyone to support your organisation and its cause if you do not know who to target and why? Do you know who your market is? No, really? Your market may not be who you think it is at first glance. And the chances are you are not targeting it with a service that is geared to what they want and need.

Marketing is more than red braces and champagne. It's a core organisational function that successful businesses understand and position as the engine room of good strategy and program development. Ignore it at your peril!

Why Capitis Consulting?

No, you can't afford to hire fulltime executive marketing expertise, but that's why Capitis Consulting is here! We'll give you winning frameworks that help you clearly define who your audiences are, what they want, and how to deliver what they need in a language they understand!

We'll help you understand what your brand is and how to develop it. Want to know how to take your contact list and make it a sustainable fundraising tool to drive your cause?

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