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 Why sponsorships?


Attracting sponsors isn't easy. But recruiting them isn't the hardest part. Fully leveraging their investment and renewing them is key!

To establish sustainable sponsorship partners, you must be ready for long term value delivery. What are your sponsorship assets? Have you properly evaluated them? What is your brand promise? What potential sponsors does it align with? How well can you fulfil your sponsorship promise? What value-add can you provide? How will your sponsor measure your performance and can you provide that information?

Sponsorship is no longer a matter of asking for cash for a good cause. You need to show you are a sponsorship pro and can be a trusted partner. Do so, and the rewards are high - long term corporate support with extra activation resources from your sponsor that you can harness if you look closely enough! Few not-for-profit organisations can properly service their sponsors. Do it well and your property will be in demand!

Why Capitis Consulting?

Capitis Consulting brings invaluable experience that will show you how to engage a sponsor that is right for you, and ensure they remain your partner for years to come. Ranging from fundraising events to major sporting events and long term partnerships, Capitis Consulting has a proven track record in transforming not-for-profit organisations' sponsorship functions and associated revenue streams.

Many not for profits fail in attracting and retaining top sponsors because they don't follow a few simple but crucial steps. Learn them from us!

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