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Why Program Evaluation?


Not-for-profit organisations are masters at running programs on impossibly small budgets. But program performance is rarely measured or formally evaluated in great detail. The reason? Time. There are always more programs to run, fires to fight and funds to be raised to keep the organisation afloat and further the cause.

But how can you meaningfully guide your organisation's future if you don't know how effective your program investment is? It's no longer good enough to take arbitrary guesses at the effectiveness of your program dollar. As accountability tightens on Boards and staff from funders, members and government, programs have to be evaluated and assessed more effectively. The fact is, program evaluation is moving quickly from a 'nice to have' to a 'must have' for not-for-profits and your organisation is no exception!

Why Capitis Consulting?

Capitis Consulting has direct experience designing and implementing program evaluation frameworks that allow Boards to assess program effectiveness on a simple one-page report. Taking a scorecard approach, Capitis Consulting's methodology combines customer/member satisfaction data with financial performance, technical/operations performance and HR performance to establish an integrated scorecard-based assessment of program excellence.

This unique methodology is moulded specifically to each organisation to ensure program excellence is tightly aligned with its strategic  goals and the cause it champions. Do you need to find a way to provide a simple but meaningful evaluation of your programs so your Board can make the right decisions, but don't know where to turn?

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