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Why Human Resource Management?


Too often, not-for-profit organisations staff are dreadfully undervalued and not actively managed. In the cost conscious world of not-for-profit, paid professionals are seen as a luxury, overindulgence or wasted money. So staff are often taken for granted with loose job descriptions, limited performance reviews, no training and unattractive work conditions.

The result is poor return on organisation's investment in staff, low productivity, poor Board/staff relations and a stifling of ambition, new ideas, organisational growth and continuous improvement.

Why Capitis Consulting?

With direct experience managing staff teams of +60 people in not-for-profit organisations, Capitis Consulting can help you build a robust HRM strategy for your organisation.

  • Add core policies and systems to properly performance manage your staff.
  • Compensate them according to market conditions.
  • Plan succession of your key staff.
  • Build a robust HR policy manual.
  • Set an organisational staff structure that makes your people most effective.

Capitis Consulting has grown staff teams from small administrative individuals, to large teams with mid-management and full departmental functionality. Are you're looking to take the plunge and hire your first paid staff? Does your current staff team need restructuring? Are you considering taking your current team to the next level and establishing a mid-management team?

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