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Why governance?


Success in any organisation starts at the top with strong leadership and a strong Board room. In not-for-profit, good governance is often overlooked as irrelevant compared to the program that needs to be run or the donor that needs to be serviced. But most not-for-profits fail because of poor governance systems. So you have to take it seriously!

If you really want to be best in your class, you must have a top Board room and staff. Does your Board know its role vis-a-vis its staff? Are your bylaws constantly revised, reflecting changing legislation, and ensuring your Board room is filled with quality people? Is your Board focused on strategy, long term capital deployment, risk and management of your CEO or are you're meetings consumed with politics, in-fighting and minutia?

If your Board room is dysfunctional, expect your staff and organisation at large to be as well. To make your organisation effective and your staff productive, you must drive excellence in your Board room and broad systems of governance. Ignore it, and you're doomed!

Why Capitis Consulting?

Capitis Consulting brings experience in transformative governance reform in not-for-profits in Canada and internationally. We've worked through complete bylaw overhauls, governance reform through organisational merger, and transition from operational Boards to policy Boards, including sub-Committee redevelopment and the establishment of new policy frameworks.

We can help you build a crucial solid platform for strong long term decision-making to safely manage your organisation's growth. Maximise your Board's effectiveness and staff's productivity and stakeholder confidence with strong governance.

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