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Why business planning?

As a not-for-profit, you know what you are passionate about. You know your cause! But how do you articulate this to the sponsors, donors and grant agents whose resources and support will unleash you to deliver?

More and more, funders of not-for-profit are demanding robust business plans to validate their investment. The days of a cheque with no strings attached are gone. You need to show business rationale! This means business planning.

Why Capitis Consulting?

Capitis Consulting offers proven expertise in business planning that has resulted in transformative investment in not-for-profits, through cash, value-in-kind and unearned media. We'll work with you to establish the key elements of your business plans - market analysis, value identification, program design, financial planning, performance measurement - the building blocks of good business.

To engage business, you must be able to speak to business and show this in your business planning!

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