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No organization is the same. So Capitis Consulting's solutions are moulded tightly to each client's needs. We don't offer out-of-the-box solutions because your organisation didn't come in a box. We'll customise our project offering to you based on what you need, working within a budget you dictate. You see, we've been on your side of the desk. We understand your challenges and are here to help.

Here's how we'll approach your situation.

1) Understand Your Organisation And Its Cause
Before we even consider tabling a proposal to you, we will meet with you to gain a full understanding of your organisation, its ambition and desires, its strengths and its limitations. This means fully understanding what capacity your organisation has to engage outside help and how Capitis Consulting can add value in this context.

2) Pinpoint Your Short And Long Term Needs
Once Capitis Consulting understands your organisation, we'll move to explore what you needs are. Where do you see gaps in your capacity? What is keeping the Board awake at night? What is consuming abnormal amounts of staff time? What is constantly poking you in the ribs as an issue from you members, donors, sponsors and other key stakeholders? Once Capitis Consulting know where it can add value, then and only then will we be ready to move to propose a solution for you.

3) Establish A Bespoke, Targeted Project Team
Capitis Consulting's public face is its owner and principal, Paul Varian. But standing behind Paul and just a phone call away is a network of over a dozen industry specialists from whom Capitis Consulting can assemble a crack project team to meet your specific needs. Depending on the size and scope of the task in hand, Capitis Consulting can draw not-for-profit experts in the fields of governance, finance, marketing & PR, information management and government relations, as well as targeted expertise in specific not-for-profit fields.

4) Issue A Unique Proposal Tailored To Your Specific Needs
With the resources in hand, Capitis Consulting will establish a specific proposal, uniquely targeted to your organisation's needs. At Capitis Consulting, no two proposals are the same. Nothing is out-of-the-box or cookie-cut. Our proposals are borne entirely out of what you tell us you need, and what we know we can offer you.

5) Quote A Fixed Fee Schedule, With No Hidden Variable Costs
At Capitis Consulting, there are no hourly rates, no hidden fees or expense loadings, unless otherwise agreed by you. Our project proposals come at a fixed fee, in line with what you have advised us is in your affordability range. Expenses occurred are ours to bear. Extra hours we work are yours with our compliments. You see, we've been on your side of the desk. We know you can't afford cost blow outs: budget overruns are a serious matter. Hiring Capitis Consulting gives you confidence that what you are quoted is what you will pay, guaranteed, regardless of what we expend delivering our project commitments to you.

6) Guarantee Our Work
Our commitment to you is simple. We pledge to deliver the outcomes to you that we commit to when a project is agreed to. Your satisfaction is our core indicator. If you are not satisfied with the job Capitis Consulting does for you, we will redo the work at our cost, to your satisfaction. Our goal is simple - perform with distinction and renew business with you, as a valued client with whom we enjoy a strong, long term relationship. If our work does not deliver this, we will revisit areas where we have under-delivered until you are satisfied.

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