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Capitis Consulting was established in 2013 by Paul Varian with a simple goal - help not-for-profit organizations that better the world become more effective and sustainable. Add value where they need help.

The idea was spotted by Varian during his career in leadership roles in not-for-profit organisations in Canada and internationally.

In the sector, he noticed a common theme. about-us

Not-for-profit organizations were masters at building and running programs with limited resources, engaging volunteers passionately behind their cause. They were specialists in the 'here and now' of operations and execution.

But because of limited capacity, they rarely managed and measured their effectiveness or planned properly for the future. Not-for-profits seemed to be 'hand-to-mouth' financially, with underdeveloped governance systems and limited marketing and communications capabilities.

'What', Varian thought, 'could these organisations do for the world if they had longer term planning, stronger financial security and sustainable capacity? What could the impact of their programs on the world be then?'

Hence Capitis Consulting was born; a boutique, speciality agency dedicated to helping not-for-profit organizations think and act strategically to improve their sustainability, effectiveness and ultimate furthering of their cause.

Capitis Consulting targets the strategic skills and resource gap that exists in many not-for-profit organisations. On a project basis, Capitis Consulting helps not-for-profits build effective Board rooms, compile strong strategic plans, establish program evaluation frameworks, assess operational effectiveness, design winning HRM strategies, create sponsorship strategies. All of this to allow the Executive Director and staff focus on doing what they do best - delivering the programs and services that further the organisation's cause.

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